MindMapper for PC Download Free 2020

MindMapper for PC is a multipurpose mind mapping application which have an amazing Planner and a Dashboard attached to it’s wonderful Visual Map. MindMapper for PC Download Free 2020 from bagas31.

MindMapper for PC Overview

MindMapper for PC is use to generate ideas, organize information, and implement plans, User can use the built in brainstorming templates or simply use the mind map to capture ideas instantly. User can view information from different angles with various mapping directional flows and make new associations. In a MindMapper’s map topics can be moved around easily. Within a map a user can have multiple maps. It also feature a Powerful graphics editor. User can export map to different graphical formats or even to a URL.

MindMapper for PC Overview

Bagas31 Review Mind Mapper for PC

Bagas31 Review MindMapper for PC is a wonderful three in one Mind Mapping Software. Visual Map, Dashboard and Planner in this software is a combination of great tools for creating a perfect Mind Mapping.

3-in-1 Mind Mapping Software

MindMapper for PC has three main components.

  • Visual Mind Map
  • Dashboard
  • Planner

3-in-1 Mind Mapping Software

Visual Mind Map

Visual Mind Map is a wonderful component of MindMapper for brainstorming. Visual Mind Map is very helpful in thinking, creating and organizing the data in mind of a user in visual format.

MindMapper for PC Visual Mind Map


Dashboard is another powerful component of MindMapper For PC. User can see and control all activities in Dashboard.

MindMapper for PC Dashboard


Planner is a component of MindMapper For PC that can help organize your schedule. User can see his past, present and future activities.

MindMapper for PC Planner

MindMapper For PC Features

  • Dashboard: A bird’s eye on your project map, planner and shortcuts to webapps or websites.
  • Planner: Be more creative by managing your time with MindMapper Planner and sync this with Googler Calender.
  • Tags and Filter: Use conditional filter’s as per your need to display topics in the map.
  • Export to MS Office: User can exchange the information by map to Mircosoft Office files.
  • Gantt Chart: User can use MindMapper Gantt Chart to see schedule, resources and completion rates.
  • Local Centering: By using Hide/Unhide feature in the map user can focus on a particular topic.
  • Boundary Topic: User can add topics to a boundary-line, which in turns create a whole new map.
  • Split and Consolidate: User can split the topics in the map if it gets too big.
  • Presentation Mode: User can create presentation slides just with a click.
  • Hyperlinks and Attachments. User can manage files by attaching as hyperlink or attachment in a map.

MindMapper For PC New Features

Added more convenience

Now user can rearrange, by rearranging most frequently used home menus, which is also accessible from the topic.

Without clicking the branch connector to roll down user can now review the rolled-up topics.

MindMapper For PC New Features

Advanced Sharing and Collaboration Feature

Now user can integrate schedule management with Google.

Now user can save maps to Google Drive to access it with any device from anywhere.

Improved Collaboration, Improved stability and speed, and much more.

MindMapper for PC Free Download

Click on the below button to start Bagas31 MindMapper for PC Free Download. This is a complete offline installer and standalone setup for MindMapper for PC.

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MindMapper for PC Video

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